Frequently asked questions

Is MCMS registered with the NDIS?

Yes, My Choice My Support is a Registered NDIS Provider.

How is MCMS different to other providers of support services?

My Choice My Support gives people with disability, and their families, more control over who provides support, and when that support is needed. We help reduce the administrative burden so you have a direct arrangement with your support worker.

Find out more about managing your support.

I am not an NDIS participant, can I still use MCMS?

Yes. If you are not an NDIS participant, individual arrangements for payment will be negotiated with you or your nominee.

Do I need a computer to use MCMS?

Yes. The My Choice My Support system uses an online portal to organise support worker times and to verify timesheets. We’ll set up the software and teach you how to use it.

What are the benefits of using MCMS?

There are many benefits for both people with disability and support workers. We look after the complex administration so you can focus on your relationship with your support worker.

It’s a hosted staff service, which cuts back on administration, so we can pass on savings to workers in better wages.

We also have high standards and expectations.

How will I find support workers?

You can recruit someone you know, check our list of qualified support workers, or advertise. Find out more about recruiting a support worker.

How much to I have to pay for support services?

The costs for My Choice My Support are the applicable rates set by the National Disability Insurance Agency at the time that the service takes place.

Contact us for the current rates.

How much will I be paid as an employee of MCMS?

My Choice My Support employ casual staff under the Social and Community Services Modern Award. Find out more about pay and benefits.

What are the advantages for me of being employed by MCMS?

My Choice My Support employs qualified support workers in Canberra on a casual basis. We provide attractive pay that is higher than the industry standard, superannuation, insurances, long service leave, salary sacrificing, training and much more.

Being part of our service is less complex than being a contractor, without the need for an ABN or personal insurances.

Find out more about becoming a support worker.

Do I need to be qualified to be a support worker?

You will require certain qualifications, such as a Working with Vulnerable People Registration. Contact us to find out more.