Manage your support

Take control of your disability support and care by using My Choice My Support.

We offer the solution to employing your own workers without the administrative burden.

Diagram showing how MCMS is different to other providers

You are the manager of your own support arrangements.

  • You choose who you want to be your support worker.
  • You decide on the duties you need.
  • You negotiate when and where you want support – no scheduling officers or other third parties.
  • You validate the hours worked by your support worker so you know correct funds are claimed/invoiced.


The costs for My Choice My Support are the applicable rates set by the National Disability Insurance Agency at the time that the service takes place.

For National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants:

  • If your plan is NDIS managed, MCMS will claim directly from the portal.
  • If you self manage your NDIS funds, MCMS will invoice you (or your nominee).
  • If your plan is plan managed, MCMS will invoice your plan manager.

If you are not an NDIS participant, individual arrangements for payment will be negotiated with you or your nominee.

Setting up

Register or contact us if you’re interested in using My Choice My Support.

Then our coordinator will meet with you to:

  • explain our service
  • talk about the support you need
  • identify how you plan to recruit your support worker and help you through this process
  • set up the rostering software on your computer and teach you how to use it.

Ongoing management

When you have chosen your support worker, My Choice My Support will:

  • help formalise the agreement between you and your support worker
  • employ your support worker as a casual and pay their wages
  • provide an induction to the role, a handbook and checklists to help you manage your support worker
  • help source training opportunities for support workers
  • stay in touch with you and your support worker.

You will be responsible for:

  • deciding on hours and days of work for your support worker
  • deciding the roles and duties of your support worker
  • providing constructive feedback to your support worker about how they are supporting you
  • checking the hours worked by your workers are correct
  • ensuring your staff work in a safe and healthy environment.


If you require any help in managing your support worker, contact us.

Our coordinator can help you resolve issues or manage disputes if they arise.