Become a support worker

My Choice My Support gives the control back to people with disability so they can manage their daily support arrangements. They become your manager.

This helps you and your manager develop a flexible and direct working relationship, where you can negotiate duties and shifts without the need for a scheduling officer or agency that acts as an intermediary.

It’s a hosted staff service, which cuts back on administration, so we can pass on savings to you in better wages.

Benefits for support workers

My Choice My Support employs qualified support workers in Canberra on a casual basis. We provide:

  • attractive pay that is higher than the industry standard
  • superannuation
  • insurances
  • long service leave
  • salary sacrificing
  • clear policies and procedures
  • training opportunities
  • access to an online system to organise your support arrangements.

Being part of our service is less complex than being a contractor, without the need for an ABN or personal insurances.

In my past jobs as a support worker, I hardly got any recognition of the hard work I was putting in. The hours were always up and down. But since I joined My Choice My Support, I have felt respected, appreciated and stress free. I am being recognised for my talents and also the hours work better with my lifestyle and that takes a lot of pressure off.