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My Choice My Support (MCMS) has been for a while now providing service to a middle aged man with very complex needs due to the severe nature of his disability, which impacts on both himself and his family. The support workers provided have proved a massive improvement on what went on before. They are committed, reliable, punctual and consistent – with virtually nil absenteeism and no shows. Previously the client and his family endured a revolving door of agency staff, all arriving with little awareness of the man’s needs and scant dedication to the task or person. They needed familiarising with him and his needs and no sooner did that happen they were gone and the cycle started again! The level of care from MCMS has been a huge step up from before and there is real rapport between workers, the individual and his family. Previously this was non-existent. There was much family input into the choice of staff and they have taken part ownership of the arrangement along with MCMS. Using MCMS has been a massive win for all parties including the coordinator who does not have to constantly unpick the mess as before.