Recruit a support worker

Once you have registered with My Choice My Support, you have three options for choosing your support workers.

Recruit from us


Recruit someone you know
  • This may be someone who has given you support before or someone you already know with the skills you need
  • Download an applicant pack and send it to your preferred support workers
  • Talk to us about who you’re looking for
  • We will place an ad on your behalf and create a shortlist for interview

When you’re ready to interview or check qualifications, we will help you.

All support workers that meet our standards and expectations will be employed by My Choice My Support on your behalf.

I was self-managing my son’s funds but found it involved more time with doing the superannuation, tax and pay summaries. My concern was that if something happened to me it was important to have continuity for my son with his carers being paid without the extra work. Since I have changed over to MCMS who now do it all I now have more time to do other things. They have been fantastic and always very supportive to any concerns. It was a very easy transition – even training to authorise the timesheets. I am very happy with the stress removed.